Titania Seidl

The Yips, Céline, Glasgow, 2018

with Céline Struger, Lukas Thaler

The Yips

The Yips

The Yips

(photos by Sean Campbell)

like a tightly knotted ball of thread, refusing to unravel
destiny's atelier, Oslo, 2018

tiny sweatpants sitting on a window frame paper clay clothes hanging around the windows

this is the shirt I would really like to own so I painted it off your back while you weren't looking

nine paintings on the walls and objects on the floor that look like my wardrobe but shrunk and the colors are faded

this is a painting of two holes and three mirrors

a vase, a running dog, a dress, destiny's flowers

paintings almost becoming one when you read them as a sequence

empty shells hanging out in one corner

cross my arms and hope to die

entrance or exit

baroque and totally dissolving into the ornamental

a text about containers and a painting of stripped off skin on the back

Nora's text





portfolio(.pdf, 5,4 MB)

exhibition documentations: 
X. marks the spot, Solo show at AIRY Kofu, Japan, 2014
(.pdf, 2,9 MB)
composition with vases, drapery, marble,..., Solo show at MUSA Vienna, AT, 2015 (.pdf, 4,5 MB)



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